About me

I’m Eric, currently a student-teacher studying at McGill, finishing in Spring 2019. Originally I’m from a small town in Ontario called Rockland (yes it’s as exciting as the name suggests). When I was 17, I moved to Montreal and have been in love ever since.

My Interests


I’m a pianist and musician, with a soft spot for playing Mozart and Debussy, on the left is an excerpt of me playing Debussy’s Arabesque no. 1. Music and teaching music is a huge part of life, ever since I picking up then piano when I was 14. From around 16 onwards, I have always found myself tutoring others music, whether that be musicianship, theory, or performance. My current music pursuits are to continue learning viola and learn more about synthetic music.

Computer Science

This is supposed to be a funny picture of me One of my biggest current pursuits is learning more about computer science and specifically how to teach it. After learning how to build my own website using Haskell (planning phase photographed on the right), I am fascinated by all things electronic and aim to continue building my knowledge of computer science in hopes of being a great computer science teacher. Teaching computer science has been a great way to further my own knowledge and I hope to take this knowledge further in my future.