Posted on October 19, 2020

Why this project?

Upon giving details of my project idea to the professor supervising this project course, I was ask the existential question: why this project? It’ll probably be a lot of work, why is it worth it? Do I think this is valuable for my musical development?

Before I go on to answer these questions and more, a little context about my project for those who are unaware. I’m planning to arrange and record myself playing video game music acoustically! This will involve finding transcriptions or making them, arranging for the instruments I own, recording myself playing each part, and putting all the parts together and uploading it to YouTube and this website!

Now on to the big question:

This is a lot of work. Why this project? What’s the incentive for doing this kind of project?

I’m really inspired by musicians who already do these kinds of arrangements and recordings on the internet. I follow many of these kinds of musicians on YouTube and elsewhere who do acoustic remixes of videogames and just love this kind of content. For example, here is one really inspirational YouTube video that I hope to recreate:

Doesn’t this look so fun and rewarding to create!? Not to mention there is a general interest in these kinds of remixes of videogame music – the video posted about has nearly 200k views, and the YouTube channel this originates from has ~125k subscribers!

I should clarify I’m not doing this for the views or likes (but if people enjoy what I create all the better!). Instead I want to do this to broaden my musicianship. I feel very comfortable with piano but for a long time have been trying to break out into different ways of being musical and playing music. I think a project like this will put my music theory and ear training skills to good use while allowing me to learn more about music production and recording. The way this project will tie in my existing music skills while pushing me to learn many new things makes this a great project for me.

I hope that convinced you why this project is great and look forward to posting next month about the songs I want to do!