Posted on March 14, 2021


So my project is pivoting to focus on what I learned while I struggled to record music. When life gives you lemons…!

I will be writing blog posts that intersect with music, physics, computer science, and aesthetics.

Here are the general sections each blog post may center on:

1 What is a wave?

How can we understand music better through waves? How can we represent sounds?

2 Waves of music

How do waves interact to make music? What are chord waves? What kind of waves to instruments make? How can we look at a wave and infer how it will sound?

3 Caputring sound

How do you capture acoustic sound? How do microphones work? What is the process of recording? What do you need to know about editing? Transcribing music, learning instruments.

4 How do computers store and create sound?

How can we store music? How is sound made from speakers? What is midi and how does it work? How can you make it sound good?

5 How to make good music?

How are acoustic and synthesized music different? How can we use this information to make nice music? Effects in synthesized music, effects in recordings.

There is no guarantee this is how the posts will come out, but they will cover most or more of the subtitles’ topics. These posts will do so through a mix of technical explanations, reflections on my experience, and recordings as examples.

I look forward to writing them and providing updates along the way :)